Computer Problems You Can Repair

When a computer problem happens, a lot of people reach for the phone to call a professional at the very beginning, but this can be a mistake. There are some common computer problems that you can fix yourself, without needing a technician or computer expert. These problems range from no Internet connection to a sluggish computer and poor performance.

Most of the time you can repair these issues yourself with just a few steps and a little bit of time.

If you can not get a connection to the Internet, and you already have the connection set up correctly, try to reboot your computer. Unplug the computer modem and the cable modem, or other Internet connection device, as well as the router. Turn the computer modem back on, and see if it tries to connect.

If it does, plug the cable modem and router back in. If this does not help and you have a newer Windows operating system, such as XP, you can run a diagnostic test from the Internet error window when you try to connect, and the wizard will walk you through this test.

If these steps do not correct the problem, contact your Internet Service Provider. Common Causes And Repairs For Computer Problems If you have a virus or other malicious software program on your computer, it can cause computer problems or even crash and permanently damage your system.

Anti virus software can take care of this problem and offer you security around the clock. Some of these programs are free, and they are essential to keeping your computer in good repair. Spyware is another threat that can cause you to have computer problems, including a very slow computer and theft of your sensitive information, as well as tracking your browsing habits.

These software programs are installed without your consent, in secret, and they can cause poor performance by your computer because of the number of programs they run. Installing a good anti spyware program, and running a scan of your computer every day, will keep spyware off your system and take care of this problem. This step will also keep your computer running efficiently.

Device drivers that won’t work well, or at all, can usually be fixed by updating these drivers with the newest updates available. Sometimes a driver can become corrupted or even disappear, and updating to or re-installing the newest driver can prevent these problems with device drivers.

Without the correct drivers, your devices will not work, so keep all of the drivers updated for the best device performance. This will avoid computer problems. Use a Windows registry cleaner for a computer which is sluggish and does not perform well. The registry can become littered with file fragments from programs which have been removed from the computer, because these pieces stay.

These fragments will slow down your computer by keeping junk in the registry, and a registry cleaner will solve this problem very simply and quickly. Editing the registry manually is not only time consuming but also dangerous, and a registry cleaner knows exactly which files should be removed and which files are essential to the operating system. A registry cleaner will eliminate almost all computer problems.

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