Google Adsense Fraud is One of the Diseases That Plague the Ad Words Advertisers

Google Adsense fraud is one of the diseases that plague the Ad Words advertisers. The Adsense program essentially allows website publishers/owners to sign up with Google, enabling them to display Google Ads on their sites. These publishers essentially act as “Google Partners”. The ads chosen by the Google boot for display are contextual and the ads are related to the contents of the publisher’s website, for more help visit to The intent for Google is to capitalize on the traffic to these (in practice) niche sites and provide highly direct targeted traffic to the advertiser. A subset of the users of the Google Partner website, click on those ads and Google charges the advertiser per click. Google shares the booty with the website publisher but the revenue sharing ratio falls under Google’s “undisclosed “criteria. While the exact amount can be reverse engineered, the take home lesson is that the final amount is proportional to Google’s income from that click.

In theory it’s a match made in heaven. The advertiser gets good ROI through targeted traffic, the publisher gets to monetize the traffic on their website and the web browser gets to buy that classic CD that he couldn’t live without. Not to mention that Google gets a wad of cash. The gods of lucre smile beneficently on all.

Unfortunately, this happy façade hides blemishes. Severe ones. For all Google Adsense Publishers are not created equal. While (we daresay) many advertisers have a genuine website, providing a valuable or interesting service to the world wide community, there is a significant number of unscrupulous operators who are out there to prey on the advertisers. These creatures of the night (and we will explain later why we use that term), make websites for the express purpose of milking Adsense revenue.

This category of fraudsters deserves a taxonomy of its own, which we have developed (the other categories, click fraud and impression fraud are even bigger problems in some industries). In the interest of not being gender biased, we have alternated between genders. We hope that our lighthearted tone does not mask the revulsion that we feel towards these cheats.
This guy is at the bottom of the food chain. Inspired by the riches of his neighbor Ms. Jones, who has been making more than ten grand a month in Adsense revenue, he plans a course of action. He “invests” for more detail go to: in click software (a simple Google search reveals many) and gets a list of anonymous proxy addresses. He then goes to register a few domains and hires someone off of enlace to create a “network of sites” and “click boot”. He hopes that the interlinked sites will provide each some “link popularity” and increase his page rank. If only it were that simple! He then proceeds to use the 30 dollar click to start clicking on the sites. Or he could click on them himself manually using the proxies. We don’t call him click monkey for nothing. He clicks and clicks all the way to see his account getting banned. No banana for this monkey! His calls of despair to Google fall on deaf ears. This person is likely to quit, but sometimes retries to get up the food chain, the Want to -Be-Fraudster.

This girl searches for high paying keywords like “home loan equity” (current ad words rate: 45 dollar), or “web hosting” (ad words costing 20 dollar). She correctly guesses that the Adsense payout is proportional to what Google earns and therefore homes in on such words. Her strategy is to make a page with contents that are appropriate for the targeted high payout keyword. She moves ahead by clicking on the link multiple times and recruits friends and family to give them a click. Or ten!

Some Important Knowledge of Joint Venture Strategies

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Google Can Make Your Web Business a Success

These days a web business has many excellent tools in the battle to be competitive in their field. One of these powerful tools is the popular Google search engine. Google is successful, so obviously, Google can make your web business a success, as well. It is a fact that 90 million visitors each and every month can pay testament to this reality. Google is one of the largest search engines on the web right now. They have tools engaged to ensure this and they have tools to help you succeed too!
What Google does, is they take the first few lines of text and put that into the search result when someone punches in your keyword. This is how you develop page rank and popularity. There are traffic monitors available to you when you use the Google service. This is wonderful because then you know when you need to adapt your words to locate additional traffic. . When dealing with Google, it is extremely important for you to make the first paragraph of your page the largest impact statement. This is what is going to be seen on the search result by the viewer. You need to guarantee that is what they see, impact! This will motivate them to peruse your site. The more views you have to your site, the higher the traffic volume; the more volume, the higher the page ranking and popularity.

A good rule of thumb is have at minimum, 8% of the words you use be keywords, with approximately 300 words being used as the impact paragraph. Because this is what is going to be seen first, you have to make it count! There are what is known as spiders that constantly view sites and record content to use as indexing,     . However, you never know when they will by surfing your site. It is not always the case that they will index your full site on one trip to it, so you want to ensure that you optimize your pages. They will always start from the top of the page; this is why it is important to have the most impact near the top of the site. The best method of ensuring that your entire site is crawled on by the spiders is to place your site on Google Sitemaps. Automatic updating on the site indexing is one of the excellent perks that come with the Google Sitemaps.

The files saved are XML files; this is like having your very own direct link to Google, like a data cable. Generally, Adsense involves third party advertisements rotated on your web sites pages. Every time someone clicks on the site on your page and they leave yours, you get paid for the Adsense transfer. It is that simple.

The key to Success to Make Money with Google Adsense

Do you know that the easiest way to make money online now is to use Google Adsense? Google Adsense is like a pay-per-click advertising avenue, only that the generated pay-per-click revenue goes to you for putting up the Google Adsense Ads on your website pages.

For the last couple of months, Google Adsense has dominated forums, discussions and newsletters all over the Internet. Already, there are tales of fabulous riches to be made and millions made by those who are just working from home. It seems that Google Adsense have already dominated the internet marketing business and is now considered the easiest way to make money online.

The key to success to make money with Google Adsense is the placing of ads on pages that are receiving high traffic for high demand keywords. The higher the cost-per-click to the advertiser, the more you will receive per click from your site. for more detail go to: Obviously, it does not pay to target low cost-per-click keywords and place them on pages that do not receive hits.

With all the people getting online and clicking away everyday, it is no wonder why Google Adsense has become an instant hit.

For some who are just new to this market, it would be a blow to their pride knowing that their homepage is buried somewhere in the little ads promoting other people’s services. But then, when they get the idea that they are actually earning more money that way, all doubts and skepticism is laid to rest.

There are two major, and clever, for more help visit to Factors that some successful webmaster and publishers are learning to blend together in order to make money easier using Adsense.

When learned to work effectively, these two factors are actually a good source of producing a minimal amount of revenue from a high traffic page. Many people are using this strategy to pick up some extra and cash with Adsense. This is also especially rewarding to informational sites that focus their efforts on delivering powerful affiliate link free content to their visitors. Now they can gain a monetary return on their services.

With the many techniques that people are now learning on how to make the easiest money by their Adsense, it is not surprising that Google is trying everything to update and polish their Adsense in order to maintain their good image.

The possibility of adding is 2nd tier in Adsense is not impossible. With all the people spending more time in their Adsense now and still more getting into this line of marketing, there is no doubt about the many new improvements yet to be made. Imagine the smiles on the faces of the webmasters and publishers all around the world if ever they sign up for sub-affiliates and double or even triple the amount that they are already earning.

With Google Adsense, the possibilities are limitless. Yet there is also the possibility of someone taking advantage of the easy money process that this internet marketing is doing. If you think more about it, these negative factors may force Google to break down and thrash Adsense in the process. If that happens, people would have to go back to the old ways of internet marketing that does not make money online as easy as Adsense.