Basic Tips To Build Muscles Faster

There are no short cut methods to building muscles but given below are some tried and tested techniques that will help you get ripped quickly.

Bench Press: The bench press is an extremely effective weight training technique that will help you develop chest and arm muscles. To do a bench press, lie down flat on your back and work the weights keeping in mind that you are able to bring down the bar to mid chest height before lifting it up again. Make sure that you keep your wrists straight during the whole process. You also need to follow some basic safety rules while doing a bench press, like having a friend standing next to you at all times who is in a position to replace the bar onto the stand incase the weight gets too heavy and you are not able to lift it up yourself.

Bicep Curls: Bicep curls can help you increase your muscles in the entire arm area. To do a bicep curl, stand upright ensuring that your entire body is steady and strong. Start by holding a dumbbell in each hand. Ensure that you have a relaxed grip. Now ensuring that your palm faces forward, slowly raise the weight in one hand (start with the left hand first) until your knuckles are three to four inches away from the shoulder. Hold on to this position for a couple of seconds before slowly bringing the weight down. Finally pull your left palm inwards. Repeat this with your right hand. One important point that you need to keep in mind while doing a bicep curl is never to swing. This is why it is important that you do this exercise as slowly as possible.

Skull Crusher: The skull crusher technique is an excellent technique to improve your triceps. Start by lying on a flat gym bench with your face up and legs in a comfortable position on each side of the floor. Now hold the dumbbell straight above your chest and slowly bring it down to the rear end of your head flexing the elbows. Stay in this position for a couple of seconds and then retract. Remember that it is very important that you have a friend of your gym instructor near you at all times when performing this exercise.

Pull Ups: Pull ups are great for developing back muscles. Use a wider grip to work out your lateral back muscles and a narrow grip to work out the mid section of your back. The best way to do a pull up is by lifting the body so that your chin reaches over the pull-up bar. Once you get accustomed to this you can go for a slightly advanced form of this exercise by pulling your body to chest height. In other words, pulling your body so that your chest touches the pull-up bar. Remain in this position for a few moments before you start to lower yourself to the initial position.
Straighten your arms slowly ensuring that your torso is straight at all times. Relax your body and do not move your body back and forth during the exercise.

Some Useful Tips:

a.) If you are a beginner always try to learn from a professional. The right technique will help you develop muscles faster and also reduce the risk of injuries

b.) Always bear in mind that over-training can lead to burnout. So in a given exercise schedule keep some time to relax. For instance, take a week off after 7 to 8 weeks of rigorous training

c.) Keep your workout time short but increase the intensity. In-fact, the more intense the workout the better. Give your body the challenge it is capable of under going

d.) Follow a weight training routine. A typical routine can consist of all above mentioned techniques including squats, dead-lifts, dips and military press.

e.) Remember that you need to compensate your body’s energy requirement by eating the right food at the right time. Eat healthy foods like veggies, fruits, lean meat and fibrous crabs. You can also consider taking whey protein and other supplements from recognized health product vendors

f.) Always have a positive attitude. You really will be surprised how much a positive attitude can help you put on those muscles faster

g.) Say no to steroids or other shortcut ways of putting on muscles. This will help you put on muscles but also cause a lot of side effects that you will have to deal with later on. 

Good luck with your body building!

Weight Gain in Old Age: It Doesn’t Have to Happen to You.

Many people, even those who were healthy when they were younger, start to gain weight as they hit middle age. It may be that you’ve gotten too busy to exercise, or an injury kept you from a sport you once loved.

As the pounds creep on, you may think that such weight gain is inevitable and irreversible. Neither is true.

If you haven’t yet started gaining weight, there’s no need to start. And even if you’ve packed on some midlife or later life pounds, there’s no reason to accept them as a part of your life that will be there forever.

Even if you’ve never exercised much before and wouldn’t consider yourself a health nut, it’s still very possible for you to trim away the excess fat, without any crazy diets or expensive health club plans.

The key is to find a fitness program that works for you, that’s designed for baby boomers or other people of advancing age who want to work out in a way that’s not going to cause injury and that’s healthy for someone who doesn’t have a lot of experience with physical activity.

The worst thing you can do when it comes to your health and increasing weight is nothing. Once the pounds start piling on, they’re going to keep coming unless you make a change. And lest you think you’re going to have to start eating strange foods you can’t pronounce or spending hours on an exercise machine, know that small changes will net you big results.

The point is to tip the balance away from that slow and steady (or even fast and furious) weight gain and to start moving in the right direction, toward fitness and wellness and the active lifestyle you want for yourself as long as possible.

The more weight you gain in your later years, the more joint pain you will have, the harder it will be to do the things you want to do, and the more potential you have for developing diseases that will shorten your life.

But you can turn it around, and you really must turn it around if you want to be able to enjoy those “golden years” when you have the time to do the things you’ve always wanted to do in life.

Start small and let your healthy changes build on each other. You might start by changing from white bread to wheat bread, eating a piece of fruit each day or walking for 20 or 30 minutes every evening. From there you can build with other healthy habits, once you start to see how much better you look and feel once those first changes have been made.

Every action builds upon the others, and it’s your choice: do you want to keep building the life where you weigh more than you want and aren’t able to do what you want, or do you want to build a life where you are healthy and fit for the rest of your life?

Eating for Bodybuilding – Going Complex on Carbohydrates

ou ask me how far this is true, well I would say it is as true as we know “Sun always rises in the east and sets in the west!” So improve your knowledge and clear all misconstrued facts, you must read this article. I hope you will get some idea about how carbohydrates, health and weight are interrelated!

Carbohydrates are very essential for our body. Carbohydrates render fuel to most of our major organs including brain and kidneys. A carbohydrate splits up into glucose in the digestive system and the pancreas secretes a hormone called insulin to help the glucose move from the blood into the cells. There are two types of carbohydrates:

1. Complex Carbohydrates.

2. Simple Carbohydrates.

What are Complex Carbohydrates? How Complex Carbohydrates are useful to your body?

Complex carbohydrates are chains of three or more single sugar molecules linked together. Long chains of sugar molecules are called starches and they serve as the storage form of energy in plants. Branched complex carbohydrates called cellulose form the structural components that give plants their shape. Complex carbohydrates take longer to digest.

Complex carbohydrates are found in fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and grains. Some examples of foods high in starchy complex carbohydrates include bread, cereal, rice, pasta, potatoes, dry beans, carrots and corn. Green vegetables like green beans, broccoli and spinach contain less starch and more fiber. All grains include starchy carbohydrates. Whole grains such as whole wheat pasta are better for you because they have much more fiber. Examples are vegetables, breads, cereals, legumes and pasta.

Complex carbohydrates should be a huge part of your diet. About 50% of your daily calories should come from carbohydrates mostly from grains, cereals, fruits and vegetables. Only a few of your daily calories should come from simple carbohydrates like table sugar.

Complex carbohydrate really should be the basis of your diet. Instead of bleached white bread, eat whole wheat bread. Instead of white rice, eat brown rice. Instead of white bagels, eat whole wheat bagels and so on. Oatmeal is another great complex carbohydrate. Starting your day with a lot of Complex carbohydrates for breakfast such as Oatmeal, will help you become better focused and energized throughout the day.

What are Simple Carbohydrates? How Simple Carbohydrates are useful to your body?

Simple carbohydrates are made up of one or two sugar molecules linked together. Some of simple carbohydrates include glucose, fructose [fruit sugar], sucrose [table sugar] and galactose [sugar in Milk]. Simple sugars are used as ingredients in candy, ice cream, cookies and other sweets. Plus they occur naturally in fruits and very small amounts are found in vegetables. Simple carbohydrates are digested quickly. Examples include fruits, sugar, milk, honey, yoghurt, molasses, and fruit juice.

Making the transition from simple carbohydrates to complex carbohydrates will be very effective in improving your nutrition. It is much less fattening and offers many benefits to your health and metabolism.

Should we avoid carbohydrates so that we don’t gain weight?

No. Please avoid this misconception. You gain weight if you consume too many calories. It doesn’t matter whether they are from carbohydrates, proteins or fats.

The Final Word

Statistics says “Nutrition Experts recommend ones diet should include 50-60 percent of carbohydrates of the total calories. We must consume more complex carbohydrates than simple ones but we should never stop taking simple carbohydrates which contain important vitamins and minerals.” Avoid getting the bulk of your carbs from refined foods high in sugar. Stay fit and healthy… That’s all we need at the end of the day!

9 Things You Should Focus On When Choosing An Ideal Core Strength Training Workout

The “core” is a collection of hundreds of muscles – the abs (all layers), lower to mid back, upper pelvic region, the obliques and the world famous ‘love handles’ areas are loaded with muscles of all different sizes, shapes, lengths and angles. All these muscles require specific core exercises to get the desired core strength training effect.

The wonderful thing about these muscles is that they are placed so closely together and some of them are even placed one behind the other in a layered fashion. When all these are worked on properly with the right exercise program you will get an amazing core. No doubt about it. But the question is when?

Unlike most so called “core” fitness workouts that are now so prevalent, the best core exercises are the ones that work on everyone of these muscles and collectively build the entire core of the body.

Avoiding your upper, middle and lower core – the love handles – the obliques – the lower and mid back areas will not only make it impossible for you to get killer abs, but also can lead to serious injury. And you think these injuries are rare? People get injured everyday because of the lack of proper guidance when it comes to workout, and that’s one reason why physio-therapists are so busy nowadays.

The best core workouts don’t even require a single machine or some silly but expensive gadgets.

But the only thing these exercises need is our body, our natural movement patterns and how your muscles work in real world gravity. In other words, ideal core workouts can be done anywhere, anytime.

One of the biggest mistakes folk like me make is that they try to mimic the technique of body builders and power lifters. The fact that most people don’t realize is that they are not bodybuilders or power lifters. In the process they tend to over train themselves leading to a lot of wasted time and injuries that are serious and injuries that sometimes even last for a long time.

A proper abs workout should be able to most effectively work out the entire mid-section and core, in minimal amount of time with no risk of injuries. Finding such an exercise is very difficult but here are some things you should focus on when planning your core workout.

1. Choose a collection of core workouts that will work on your entire midsection. These exercises should provide you with proper stimulus to become lean, defined, flat, strong and solid.

2. There a certain exercises that are specifically responsible for creating those lines that give the abs that “six pack” look.

3. There are several functional moves that create the small diagonal muscles on the sides of the ribcage.

4. Exercises that target the love handles, those that reduce them to zero or at least firm them up.

5. Any time, anywhere Core workouts.

6. Exercises those are appropriate for both men and women.

7. The core exercises should be workable on behalf of the person doing it. Many trainers and fitness freaks misinterpret the word ‘killer’ as in ‘killer ab workout’. A truly effective core workout should not kill the person doing it. No injuries, no six days worth of soreness.

8. Choose a blend of exercises that will build you in a balanced way, on every side of your abs.

9. Choose specific exercises that are derived from injury rehab programs. These exercises should be able to strengthen and tone the deepest layers of the ab, the core and the most sensitive muscles of the lower back region.